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Personal Data Protection Policy

DTX CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”, “we/our/us”) issued this Personal Data Protection Policy to prescribe the process of data collection, storage, usage, and disclosure, including other rights of the data subjects, covering our customers, employees, and stakeholders who provide the data to us directly or via our information technology system. The company recognizes the importance of personal data protection. Therefore, the data subjects can be confident that the provided information has been managed with the most appropriate and best security measures, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (PDPA).


“Company” means DTX CO., LTD. , including persons authorized to act on behalf of the company or persons assigned to work on behalf of the company.

“Personal Data” means any information relating to a person which directly or indirectly enables the identification of such person.

“Officially Authorized Person” means a person whom the highest-ranking executives have assigned to oversee, take responsibility for, and perform the work.

“Cookies” means tiny components of data stored in the equipment of customers or service users or stakeholders enabling the website to memorize the user’s website accessing history or movement for each use of the website.

Respecting the Privacy Rights of Data Subjects

The company respects and recognizes the importance of personal data rights and personal data protection. Additionally, the company realizes that personal data subjects need security and safety in using services. Any personal data submitted to the company, such as names, age, addresses, telephone numbers, identification numbers, and financial information, etc., which can identify the data subjects and are complete, accurate, up-to-date and quality personal data will be used only in line with the company’s operating objectives. The company has strict security measures and prevention not to let unauthorized parties access and use personal data without the data subject’s consent. The company will report breaches of personal data to data subjects immediately when violations occur.

Personal Data We May Collect

The company collects personal data from various channels. The personal data which we may collect include following details:

Information obtained directly by customers, service users, or stakeholders such as:

  • Personal contact information such as first names, last names, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.
  • Other data appearing on filling forms and accompanying documents
  • Audio recording data when communications are made to the company or logs of contact details.
  • Data generated by analysis and collection of statistics on the use of services or systems such as customer behavior, website entry statistics, website access time, searched data, use of website functions, and data collected by the company through cookies.

The company collects the aforementioned personal data for objectives in the company’s legal operations and to enhance the company’s operations efficiency. The company stores only necessary personal data

The Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

  • The company affirms to keep our customers' and stakeholders' collected personal data confidential, and not use it for other objectives than the lawful objectives, or for the company’s business operations.
  • The company will not sell, transfer, or disseminate the aforementioned data to outside persons without consent from data subjects.
  • The company may disclose personal data if the data is disclosed to the public legally or in compliance with court orders or requests from government agencies for the benefit of investigations by officials according to the law or court case considerations.

Contact us

If personal data subjects or stakeholders have questions concerning this policy or wish to send petitions under any rights, please contact

Personal Data Protection Policy Review

The company may modify this policy to be consistent with changes in the company’s operations in response to recommendations or opinions from personal data subjects or to make modifications in line with legal requirements. If revisions or changes are made to this policy, the company will announce changes to associated personal data subjects clearly before making changes via

Enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal data subjects agree and acknowledge that this personal data protection policy is effective on all personal data collected by the company and personal data subjects agree for the company to have the right to collect, store, use or disclose personal data collected by the company (if any), including personal data currently collected by the company or personal data to be collected by the company to other persons within the scope specified in this personal data protection policy.

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