DTX Industrial Park Twin

DTX Industrial Park Twin

Integrate and connect everything relevant to industrial park operations, whether it is sensors that facilitate water consumption to external enterprise resource platforms.

Be informed of all industrial park happenings, from lighting malfunctions to tenant emergencies, and effectively and timely monitor the most minute of events to large scale changes in industrial park operations.
Enable collaboration by monitoring reports and tracking industrial park operations on a unified dashboard, accessible for integral industrial park operators. Industrial Park Operators- Tenants and Investors

DTX Industrial Park Twin allows park operators and tenants alike to optimize and achieve ESG compliance. Integrate all facets of industrial park operations, accurately engage in real-time feedback loops and unify all stakeholders.



See and control everything with a unified dashboard that allows effective governance.


Manage personnels, equipment, operations and processes in real-time to assess and take right actions


Regulate spending and control costs with true insight


Optimize resource consumption to achieve environmentally-conscious operations

Integrate Everything Accurate Every time Unify Everyone


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